2020-21 Communications

Communications for the 2020-2021 School Year

September 2020

1) 2020-21 Back to School Special Education Training (YouTube)

Slide Show for 2020-21 Back to School Special Education Training (pdf)

October 2020

1) Dec 1 Child Count Memo from the Special Education Director (pdf)

Communication Committee Meeting October 28, 2020 Slide Show  (pdf)

1) NLSEC guidelines for Special Ed Guidance document (pdf)

2) COVID-19 Resources on NLSEC website:  Updated and 2020-21 Communications on one page.

3) IEP Virtual Meetings Reminders: be ready and mute if others talking in the background, show your webcam

4) Parent Resource Booklet (pdf) and Secondary Transition Resource Booklet (pdf): Let Jess B (School Age) and Jess K (Transition) know if you want more.

5) Tele-practice and distance learning resources

6) SpEd Forms 2020: New look coming (main menu and forms menu only), eventually rest of the program

7) Switching from Behavior Intervention Plan to Positive Behavior Support Plan: BIP not as positive so moving to Positive Behavior Support Plan. In 2021-22 there will only be the Positive Behavior Support Plan.

8) Coop Data Forms: Reminder to use the forms. Data submitted to NLSEC office (all districts) and MARSS Coordinators for these districts (Carlton, Cloquet, Hermantown, LS, McGregor, ML, Proctor, Wrenshall). Complete the applicable forms for these scenarios:
    -Completion of annual IEP
    -Federal Setting Change
    -Special Transportation Change
    -Primary Disability Change
    -New student enrollment
    -Exiting special education
    -Following revocation of consent

9) SpEd Forms reminders: Inactivate students that are no longer receiving services and update service providers numbers.

10) Dec 1st Child Count: Check that your data matches you MARSS Coordinator. Important info to check - Resident District, Primary Disability, Start and End Date, and IEP and Eval must be current.

11) New grade drop down “18-21 years old” in SpEd Forms: For students beyond grade 12.  “TR” will appear as the grade on the top of forms

12) Code 6 for Secondary Students: Status should be a 6 for students receiving outside state agency support

13) Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS): VRS (9th-12th grade) can meet virtually. Include in IEP meetings. 
     -Josie Grabowski (all districts - works on Pre-ETS for “bubble” kids)
     -Cindy Matheson (Lake Superior, Hermantown, Proctor, Cromwell-Wright, McGregor, Esko)
     -Cassie Erickson (Cloquet, Wrenshall, Barnum, Carlton, Moose Lake, Willow River)

14) Special Education Law Changes: 
    -Open Enrollment/Special Transportation
    -ADSIS for students - Students that are receiving spec ed services can access ADSIS
    -Stand Alone FBA’s - Stand-alone FBA’s are ok

15) Special Ed case updates: Case 1 - A student who qualified for special education services and in a school district’s child care program is the district responsibility for services. Case 2 - District determined an intellectually-gifted student was not eligible for spec ed services even though the student had a “plethora of diagnosis” related to anxiety, phobia, ADHD and depressive disorder. Court determined the student was eligible and it was the district's error not to provide spec ed services earlier.

16) Guardianship Reform: Person centered approach to decision making, changes embrace least restrictive

17) MCA Assessment:  When a parent opts out their child of state assessments, counts as a did not meet. This does affect the district.

18) Upcoming Trainings:
    -Woodcock Johnson - November 2, 2020, 8:30am-3:30pm
    -Paraprofessional Workshop - January 18, 2020, 8:30am-2:30pm
    -Crisis Prevention Intervention Training - January 21, 2020, 8:00am-3:30pm
    -Sexuality for All Abilities - February 2021

November 2020

1) In-Person IEP Services Flowchart (pdf)

2) In-Person Special Education Services (11/10/20 in pdf)

3) Eligibility Requirements for the MN Test of Academic Skills (MTAS) (11/20/20 in pdf)

4) YouTube video explaining eligibility requirements for the MTAS (11/20/20)