About Us

NLSEC Vision & Mission Statement:

All students are provided opportunities designed to prepare students to participate independently as successful citizens in a diverse world.

Together schools and communities will educate students to become academically successful and socially responsible citizens.

Our Guiding Principles:

1. All children benefit from individually designed instructional strategies based upon the child's learning style, interests and needs.

2. All children have access to a continuum of effective instructional services located in the school, home or community.

3. All school staff, parents and related agency personnel have current knowledge related to the delivery of special education and related services.

4. Children with special needs are members of the larger educational community.

Top to bottow (l to r): Allison, Michelle, Heidi, Dena, Heather, Haley, Greg
2nd Row: Dee, Britni, Amy, Zandra, Tina
Row: Jess B, Jess K, Nic, Melissa, Max, Colleen, Mary
4th Row: LeAnn, Kristi, Jill P, Jill M, Jamie
5th Row
: Tamie, Shannon

2020-21 School Year
NLSEC Coop Group 20-21 Virtual

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